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Zen and the Modern World: A Third Sequel to Zen and Western Thought (2003)
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Masao Abe
Subject Zen Buddhism
Publication Date September 2003
Format Hardcover (236 x 156 mm)
Publisher University of Hawaii Press
Language e
Written by one of Japan's foremost contemporary thinkers and scholars, Zen and Modern Society is the third in a series of essay collections on Zen Buddhism as seen in the context of Western thought. Throughout his career, Masao Abe has articulated the meaning of Zen thought in a uniquely compelling way--at once, true to the original tradition and appropriately relevant to a variety of comparative standpoints, ranging from Biblical Judeo-Christianity to modern existentialism, phenomenology, and postmodernism. As a leading representative of the Kyoto School, which has sought a critical, comparative linking of Eastern and Western thought, Abe has based his approach on constructive, mutually respectful yet critical intellectual interaction and dialogue with some of the leading figures in the West (including Paul Tillich, Hans Kung, and Eugene Borowitz) as well as dozens of colleagues, students, and disciples.

Together with the previous volumes, this work examines and exemplifies some key features of Kyoto School thought. While the essays presented here should be read in light of the socio-political criticism that has since been lodged against the Kyoto School and, more particularly, its founder Nishida Kitaro, most of them were written prior to the recent discussions and focus on issues of comparative philosophy and religious thought outside the contours of the debate. This should not, however, limit their approach to the earlier historical context. Abe's own distinct philosophy will almost certainly continue to influence a host of scholars, thinkers, and religionists for many years to come. His body of work reveals an original and innovative way of thinking that conveys an important message relating traditional Buddhist notions of nothingness and awakening to the contemporary scene.

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Index 173
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LoC Classification BQ9268.3.A24 2003
Dewey 294.3/927
ISBN 0824826655
Cover Price $32.00
Nr of Pages 208
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