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August 2, 1999

On August 2, 1999 I visited the Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo, and then Giza (where the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are located). It was on this day, and only this day, that I had someone else other than the tour guide with me on my trip.

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These pictures were taken outside of the Antiquities Museum.  I really liked the garden and statues which were found outside, but I also liked the main entrance to the museum.


This picture was taken inside the museum.  One of the guards took me to a side room where the mummified animals were located, and took a picture of me looking through a case with a mummified dog.

This is right outside the biggest of the great Pyramids, Cheop's Pyramid.  This was the first of the Great Pyramids.


This picture was taken of me outside of Cheop's Pyramid.

Another picture of me standing outside of Cheop's Pyramid.

Structural damage outside of Cheop's Pyramid. 

This picture shows all three Great Pyramids together.  The person on the left was my tour guide in Cairo: Mohammed; the person on the right was the other tourist who was in Cairo at the time, using the tour group I was working with.


This picture shows me outside of a location where one can see two of the Great Pyramids behind me.

As I was about to enter one of the great Pyramids, a group of Bedouins outside wanted to take my picture, showing the second largest of the Great Pyramids in the background.  The Pyramid I entered was the smallest, and latest, of the Great Pyramids.

A picture by myself outside of the Great Pyramid, looking to the Second Great Pyramid.


These two pictures were taken from inside the smallest of the Great Pyramids.  It was quite hot and stuffy inside, and hard to enter (one had to crouch down and walk slowly, or else one would hit their head on the ceiling of the stairway, which I did about 4 or 5 times).



Various view of the Sphinx.  The Sphinx was nice, but very worn down.  From the location of the Sphinx itself, one could tell the head and the body were made quite a bit differently.

This picture was taken near the Great Pyramids, while riding a camel.