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August 3, 1999

On August 3, 1999 I visited the old capitol of Egypt, Memphis.  After Memphis, I went to Saqqara, one of the key archeological sites in Egypt, with several old pyramids.  Lastly, I went to Old Cairo, where there are several old Coptic Churches, and one old Synagogue.  One church, St. Sergius, I was unable to photograph, because they did not want pictures taken there.  St. Sergius Church is one of the sites in Egypt where the Holy Family stayed at: there was a crypt which had a church from the 2nd century, at the exact site, and then a church built over that crypt in the 5th century.  The Jewish Synagogue was near the site the Jews believe Moses was found by the Egyptians.  The Church I was able to take pictures of, The Hanging Church, was built from a Roman Fortress (named Babylon) in the 7th century.

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This is one of the colossal statues of Ramseses II, found buried at Memphis.  The legs were found to be broken when the statue was found.

The second largest Sphinx in Egypt, this one is found in Memphis.

This picture was taken in front of the Sphinx in Memphis.

The famous Step Pyramid of Saqqara.


Scenes from Saqqara.

Inside a temple dedicated to a Pharaoh at Saqqara. The statue is a Ka statue, where sacrifices were made in honor of the Ka of the Pharaoh.

Taken inside a pyramid at Saqqara.





These images were taken inside the "Hanging Church" of Old Cairo.  The Church is from the 7th century, but when the See of Alexandria was moved to Cairo, this Church was the Patriarchal Seat for several centuries.

Scene on the Nile, while eating.