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August 6, 1999
Feast of the Transfiguration

On August 6, I travelled back to Cairo.   Originally I was wanting to climb Mt. Sinai on the 6th, but the Monastery was closed on the 6th (the St. Catherine's Monastery does not allow tourists to enter on Friday-Sunday).  I took a quick picture of Mt. Sinai in the early morning before I left for Cairo, and then travelled back to Cairo.  Once I got back to Cairo, I walked to the Ma'adi Coptic Church, which is right next to the Nile.  This parish is at one of the many sites in Egypt the Holy Family stayed at while trying to avoid Herod. 

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Mount Sinai, early in the morning.


Underneath this dome there were stairs leading to the a site right off the Nile, where Coptic tradition indicates the Holy Family landed and stayed at for sometime.

A picture of the domes of the Ma'adi Church.  This church was a 15 minute walk from my hotel.