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August 8, 1999

On August 8, I traveled to Alexandria for one day and one night.  In Alexandria, I got to see several archeological sites from the Greco-Roman era of Egypt.

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These pictures were taken at the site known as "Pompey's Pillar."  Crusaders who visited this site believed this pillar was the one where Pompey's head was placed after he was killed in Alexandria.  However, they missed a description which is found on the pillar.  The description can only be seen under certain lighting conditions.  The pillar was really made by the Egyptians in Alexandria to thank Diocletian, after he stopped his assault on the city.





These images were taken from a necropolis in Alexandria.  This site was still in use until the time of Constantine.  In one of Constantine's decrees, he forbade the process of mummification.  As such, one of the pictures in this necropolis is of unfinished tombs:  as soon as the decree was made, this site was abandoned and later forgotten.



These pictures were taken at a Roman Amphitheater which is still being excavated.  Nearby they were also excavating some of the baths they have recently found at this site.




These pictures were taken of the site in Alexandria where the old Pharos Lighthouse used to be at.  It was destroyed during an earthquake, though if one looks carefully, one can see part of the first floor of the original lighthouse.



These pictures are of the summer palace of the last Egyptian Monarch.

Scenes of Alexandria from the balcony of my hotel room.


My hotel room in Alexandria.

Another look at Alexandria from my hotel room.





Sunset at the Mediterranean Sea.