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July 31, 1999

On July 31, 1999 I had a lay over in Amsterdam, from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night.  I used the time to explore Amsterdam itself, as a means of enjoying Europe while on my way to Egypt.

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The person in this picture, Henreich, talked to me on the train that I took from the airport to Amsterdam.  He wanted me to take his picture, and then to write him when I got back to the states.

This is a picture I took, walking down one of the streets, near the train station.  The streets in Amsterdam tend to be rather narrow, but in this picture, being closer to the train station (Central Station), many of the streets here were much larger.

Outside of Madame Tussaud's, walking further down the street I took from Central Station.

While in Amsterdam, I took one of the tour boats which went around the city on the canals.  I took a few pictures from the boat, starting with this one.

Another picture taken from the tour boat.

Yet another picture taken from the tour boat (trying to take a picture of Anne's Frank's house while the boat was moving).

This picture shows one of the famous areas in Amsterdam, where one can see through several bridges to see several canals all at once.   It was a nice scene to see, and I just wish the picture could show more of the canals.

Here I was, attempting to take a picture of some interesting naval vessels from Amsterdam, while the tour boat was moving.

This building I thought was quite interesting.

A close up of the angel on top of the building.   The architecture in Amsterdam was quite marvelous at times.

Picture taken from inside the airport, outside of customs, where one can take a train to downtown Amsterdam.  I took this on the way back to the airport.