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Nature's Way - Native Wisdom for Living in Balance with the Earth (2005)
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Ed McGaa
Publication Date 4/1/2005
Format Paperback (231 x 169 mm)
Publisher HarperSanFrancisco

I do not expect you to trade your set of beliefs for mine. I do not have all the answers. But in my tradition, we ask more questions and we share our honest observations. Hopefully, once you have completed reading this book, you will know what I know, and I am fairly sure you will see how a spiritual path that honors Nature is the only way out of the serious crises facing our planet. I call that path Nature's Way.

Sioux tribal leader Ed McGaa, known as Eagle Man, sounds a call for spiritual awakening. He explains how we can create a new global culture based not on domi-nance over nature for economic and political gain, but on values that endure for all times and all people. Nature's Way explores Native American belief systems, oppres-sion of Native Americans by the dominant society, the desacralization of Nature, and the complicity of institutional religion.

Taking on religion, politics, and culture, McGaa provides a template for readers -- a path designed by Nature that anyone can follow. Using the lessons of the eagle, bear, lion, wolf, orca, owl, tiger, buffalo, rat, deer, and even the cottonwood tree, Nature's Way teaches all of us how we can overcome religious intolerance, treat women and men equally, preserve our environment, and live in peace.

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ISBN 0060750480
Cover Price $15.95
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