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Jaina Philosophy and Religion (2001)
Book Details
Nagin J. Shah
Publication Date 1/1/2001
Format Paperback (230 mm)
Publisher Motilal Banarsidass
The present work is the English translation of Muni Nyayavijayaji, an ideal Jain Monk's original Gujarati work 'Jaina Darsana' which has run into twelve editions. No one has ever explained the Jaina concepts of nine 'reals', six-substance casuations, spiritual attitude, spiritualness, non-violence, austerity, God, Karma, non-absolutism, relativity of 'commandments', etc. as interestigly and lucidly as Nyayavijayaji has done.
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Collection Status In Collection
Index 184
Read It Yes
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Product Details
ISBN 812081701X
Cover Price $21.95
Nr of Pages 469
First Edition No
Rare No
Translator Muni Nyayavijayaji