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The Religious Context of Early Christianity: A Guide to Graeco-Roman Religions (2003)
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Hans-Josef Klauck
Publication Date May 2003
Format Paperback (219 x 141 mm)
Publisher Augsburg Fortress Publishers
Klauck's is a uniquely well-informed and comprehensive guide to the world of religion in the Graeco-Roman environment of early Christianity. Drawing on the most up-to-date scholarship, his volume paints a carefully nuanced portrait of the Christians' religious context. Besides describing ordinary domestic and civic religion and popular belief (including astrology, divination and "magic"), there is extended discussion of mystery cults, ruler and emperor cults, the religious dimensions of philosophy, and Gnosticism. An authoritative work, Klauck's will become a new standard for reference and teaching.
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Index 199
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ISBN 0800635930
Cover Price $30.00
Nr of Pages 544
First Edition No
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Translator Brian McNeil